On the day after Christmas my true love gave to me…

a wrapping paper shopping spree….

Everything half price, you can’t beat it. We had run out of paper and regular sized boxes to wrap with, we just had small boxes left. We also grabbed a ream of stick on tags. We had some but I didnt think they’d last through next year.

Broth was still on sale, and I love having a pantry full of broth. It’s great to make soup out of, cook some noodles for a quick lunch, or make some gravy in a snap. So we grabbed another case for the larder.

Today my husband went outside around 11 and started cleaning up his shop, putting away his new tools. Which quickly led to working on his truck. When he came in finally to eat, the long lost missing piece that would allow him to start the Bronco and drive it showed up at the door. I forced him to have lunch and sent him on his way. He’s happily a tuning away out there. I can’t wait until he can finally drive it. It’s been about 2 weeks now and he’s about to go crazy waiting. Especially with all the snow, and 3 more inches slated to fall this week. He LOVES driving the thing in the snow. Mostly because it will climb up over anything or push about anything. And it will be his first time driving it since getting the transmission put in, which will be a real thrill for him.

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