Christmas Presents..

A new jacket, some bath and body works stuff, a complete scrapbooking extras kit, a shirt to wear under a jacket, 2 new homemade aprons, a second new tablecloth (1st one came early) and 2 napkins oh and also 2 rugs. Apparently I have something else coming but i dont know what it is.

My husband got a circular saw, a dremel, an air compressor, several sets including wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, etc and a tape measure. He’s in hog heaven. By that I mean he’s very happy as he loves tools of all kinds and these will help him with his projects in the garage.

We are having a white Christmas as we are back in Iowa and welcomed 5 inches of snow. Poor rabbits are up to their eyeballs.

We saw plenty of hawks and such along the way back home, but perhaps the coolest was 2 bald eagles trying to fish from the same hole in the ice along the river at Burlington. Flapping their wings and such. Neat. No pictures as we were driving too fast in traffic.

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  1. Sounds like you had some great gifts. I had such fun watching my grandchildren open all their presents. I think I might have preferred a little snow we had rain for some of the day.

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