Puppy love…

Joy was commenting on her dog missing her today. I tried to reply to her, but apparently I’m too stupid to figure out her little code thing at the end that requires you to type in the hidden message or whatever, I never can see it, something about the difference between black and grey not distinguishable to me.. so Joy, here’s my comment back to you, because your blog thinks I’m spam now…

I can relate to the dog thing. when I went to college, my dog pouted. Visibly. He wouldn’t make up to me for a long time when I got back, and then he’d be happy, and then I’d say good bye and hug him, etc. and he’d start pouting again. now? When my parents puppies were little I stayed with them on weekends in the summer because my hubby was in Seattle for a college internship. My mom told me on a Monday that Willie was looking all over for me and kept waiting for me to emerge from the basement to walk with them.. poor guy. He still seems to like me (and everyone else) more than the other dog, Willie’s just a lovey dove. Cole is more reserved and he’ll take the rubs and be all jealous and butt Willie out of the way to get his turn, but he’s not usually all over you. Willie will lay on your lap should you deign to sit on the floor. Immediately. Thump, plop plop flump, he’s got as much of his body on you as possible. My other dog did that. But only to me. He’d only lay down on me. I don’t think Willie’s as discriminating. And the last time we were there, my hubby was still downstairs sleeping in the morning and Willie and Cole came in from a romp– Willie kept wandering the rooms, specifically the computer room, he was looking for Matt. Is he there, no, how about now, no.. So sweet. So I totally get it. I think the dogs feel someone being gone just as much if not more than humans do.


  1. Awww poor lil mouse. Everyone who is on Typepad is pulling their hair out on what it’s doing to us. I have taken the word verification off but Typepad is overriding it. Sometimes it allows you to comment without wv, other times not. Sometimes it puts people in spam, other times not….although I do go to spam and make sure to take people out of there! They assure their typepad customers…me!…they are fixing it and all will be back to normal soon. So you know. Sorry bout that. It’s not my fault. It’s typepads. They suck. As for your dog story? Now THAT rocks!! Loved reading this!

  2. our late rotty (125 plus pounds) thought he was a lap dog, too. One time when we were out for a walk, a man was sitting on the curb talking to a guy working under a car. Our dog just walked over and plopped down in his lap.

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