To do list, a little shorter a little longer…

I do have a little bit crossed off my list:

shop and wrap hubby’s gifts – check
make pnut btr fudge – check
make chex mix – one batch, check – may make another one.. we’ll see..
accounted for who sent me Christmas cards and made sure they got one back. check.
mailed card for friend’s anniversary, had it ready and stamped, just needed to seal and send.

got gift for friend of friend who will be going through chemo asap. wrapped and card written.
may blog on this later…

the presents we are taking are already in a laundry basket and are now near the door.
we will have to black plastic bag them and put them in the back of the truck in case of snow/rain.

still need to get cooler or big container or both out for the treats and such..
I am supposed to take deviled eggs so i am going to boil them and put them
back in the egg cartons (a niece gets extra credit for egg cartons?)
anyway, being a good aunt and taking the cartons. we gave her 6 in November. i have one or two
in a bag to go and will have at least 2 more for her from the deviled eggs.

then i will just have to assemble them upon arrival.

i am blogging in between workout commercials so i better get back and
finish my workout so i can get to get cleaned up and then keep going on my to do list..

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