What’s left to do

Finish shopping for my husband
Buy ingredients to complete treats and take part of Christmas Dinner
Wrap his presents
Make peanut butter fudge
Make peanut butter kiss cookies
Cut up fudge and find a way to transport it and the other snacks
Make Chex mix
Make Cracker Jack
Make Puppy Chow if time

Pack clothes
Pack treats and presents
Survive the holiday preparations!

Can’t wait til it’s time to just enjoy!


  1. barnmouse

    Heh! I think we’re on the same wavelength! I just made fudge last night and am about to make a bunch of other stuff too (the ganache for the truffles just has to harden up in the fridge…so just harden already!! *tapping fingers*). I hope everything goes smoothly for you! And send some of that Chex mix my way! My favorite!!!

  2. Mmmmm Chex Mix! I haven’t had that in ages. Your list looks do-able in time for Christmas. Mine? Not so much. *whimper* I agree though, just survive the holiday preparations and then wait til it’s time to just enjoy.

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