Fun Monday: On the Road Again

Kitten says: I think it would be neat to hear about the story behind your home and the road you live on. It doesn’t have to be historical, maybe just something that stands out to you. It would be nice to have pictures to go with your little story. I also would like to know who has the oldest house.

Well right now, we live on a dinky subdivision road that is pretty meaningless. So I’ll tell you about where my family lives. They live on Six Corners Road. Guess how many corners it has. Yup, six. The name of their “place” is Atlasta Acres. In school shop class, I made a sign for them. It hangs on their hitching rail. Here’s a picture of it this fall with decorative gourds. In the spring there are yellow lilies growing underneath the rail. Right now, the rail is likely covered in greenery with red bows.

The story goes that the place was named because “at last ‘a’ acreage” to live on. For a long time, my parents vehicles had A Acres 5 on the license plate, for the 5 family members. Now one has EHKLJ for the family members’ initials. There’s 15 of us now. Check out the family photo. Can you guess who belongs to who? There’s a plaquard on the ground by the front porch that says 1912 or 1914. But the former neighbor swore that he saw the house being built, and he’s only in his 80’s, so it can’t be that old. We moved there in 1982.

The driveway is 1/5 mile long. I walked it every morning for school. I rode bikes, walked it when I was sad, bored, the dog wanted to go out, the horse got loose, you name it. I’m pretty sure I still have a scar on my left knee from a day like today with a bunch of ice, I slid and went down on the knee, tore my pants and bloodied myself up a little bit. It was a place for solace, for quietness in the noise of life. And when we’re back there, it still is. I voluntarily get up at 5:30 am and walk the dogs. It’s a time for peace in this crazy world. Here’s me circa 1996 or so on the horse, after it got loose and went to visit the neighbor’s horses. My husband is going to sigh and ask me to grow my hair out again. But here it is, in all it’s glory. I’m coming up to the driveway…


  1. Lovely family picture. Gosh! Yall are a lot of meeces! wonderful story & the other picture of you on a horse!
    Hey! I’m the first to comment! LOL!

  2. Susan

    Your family home and that long driveway sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about living in a boring old subdivision. Nothing special about my house…the one I want though…

    A Slice of Life

  3. Little by little those homes are being swallowed up by developments. My childhood home was – and I hardly recognize the neighborhood anymore.

    An enjoyable post!

  4. Wow…that was a LOT of kids!

    I’ll bet that driveway really holds a lot of memories. We will have a longer one than we used to, so maybe I can use it to make new memories – busting my butt, on the way to the mailbox!

  5. We have neighbors down the road that named their place The Hard 2 Rest Ranch. The neighbors at the very end of the road who have a feed lot used to have an antique manure spreader out front with a sign that said The (Their Last Name) Spread. I thought it was just too cute. It was the wife’s doing and hubby didn’t like it, so she got rid of it.

    Very nice place your folks have, and I’m glad they got it atlast:o)

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog and reminding me about Fun Monday. I can’t believe that I forgot!

    Yes, I did give birth to all 6 of my sweeties. I would have 6 more if I could figure out how… But maybe since I will be 36 this month I might not be able to have 6 more. I love adoption, though!

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