Thumpity thump thump…part 2

I didn’t know how true those words would be when I wrote them last night.

I fell down the stairs.

I’m not hurt, just a little skinned up. Probably would have been worse if they weren’t carpeted. At least in general, I was smart enough to sink backwards and try to catch myself with my arms up and back and didn’t break them. Did skin the crap out of my elbow though.. all together now.. awww. Thanks, I feel better. That and my hubby kissed my boo-boo. Isn’t that nice? I think we’re in training for world’s silliest people or something. We kiss each other’s hurts and bark at the squirrels out stealing bird seed, and howl at the moon.. Sigh.. I love that man..

Now where was I? Oh yes, what I did yesterday…

Yesterday i managed to cut out my felt horse candy cane cover thingys (technical term there) in green, sew them up, and add the eyes and ears. i need to get the reins on and they’ll be done. i think those are going as gifts to my nephews and i’ll use 2 of the red ones for my nieces. i’ll still have 6 red ones on my tree, as i have the 2 holey old ones that my mom had ages ago.

i’m still waiting on the dumb fed ex driver. basically they decided that it was too late and too icy to attempt our street so they didnt deliver yesterday. and i need the stuff in that box to fix my sis in law’s apron. argh! having it yesterday would have been SO nice. then i could be working on it right now, while my husband is still snoozing. we crashed at like ten after ten. now i remember why i dont drink. i get so damn tired that i can’t see straight after one drink. me, the oink oink couldnt finish her dinner because she was too tired. yeah. eating was just too much of a hassle. that one i can’t figure out. maybe i just wasn’t feeling good to begin with. i do know my insides are now squirming going, HEY I need to eat something in here. stupid insides.. will have to decide to either wake up hubby to fix me an omelet, or open that rare can of cinnamon roll things that I let into the house. This time I had a coupon. Oh jeez, that makes me think to ask my mom to make cinnamon rolls for when we’re home.. I bet she would if I asked. Hmm, insides really pissed now.. must go eat!

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