Thumpity thump thump…

Between the snow and ice, the putting together of felt horse candy cane holders, making treats and keeping the hubby happy, I haven’t posted. Mostly, I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts. It didn’t occur to me to go ahead and post. Duh. Like you guys want to see the same post sitting there since Monday. About like I want to see the same post on your site since Monday.

We had a date night tonight and I was able to drink all of my Pecos Peach, but barely. I feel like I could fall asleep right now. I’m a lightweight to the extreme. The drink has schnapps and champagne in it, along with some fruit, so maybe there’s some redemptive value, or maybe not 🙂 probably just a load of sugar, and at this point, I dont really care. My only issue is that when you don’t have something to eat first and you slurp too much of it queasiness ensues. I think I ate about 10 french fries and one piece of chicken. The rest is stuck in the fridge for later. My husband had lobster and steak and loved it. Finally some steak after his braces came off. That’s probably the least I’ve eaten out in a long time. But also the most I’ve had to drink in a long time. I got just a tad bit giggly. I certainly teased my husband a lot more than I usually do. And I was very very happy to have had a date night. It warmed the cockles of my heart (did you know your heart had cockles?) I really miss our date nights…

This week we’ve had a lot of animals visiting. We had 4 rabbits at once. That was the most we’ve had at a time. The largest male squirrel jumped up and emptied the bird feeder for us (3 or 4 inches of ice and snow gave him enough height to get up there) and the hawk visited again and snacked on a blue jay I think — quite disgusting, really, but he was so pretty that I didn’t mind too much.

I need to finish shopping for my hubby and he needs to do all his shopping for me. And we’ll be gone next weekend so this weekend is it.. okay I can no longer concentrate on this and the tv show i’m attempting to watch, so signing off..

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