Aaron Stecker Fan Club part deux

I’m so friggin stoked! Finally! A NO Saints game on our TV! And my bestest alumni player Stecker has been going, and going, and going, kind of like the Energizer Bunny. I need to go check his stats. (please amuse yourselves –not like that! okay, that’s better)

With a pre-this game per rush average of 3.4 versus the injured Reggie Bush’s 3.7, not too bad. He’ll have to share the spotlight tonight with a couple other backs. He’s had one touchdown in the loss to St. Louis, but he’s proving himself a workhorse in this first half of play, much like his role at WIU in the late 90’s. Go Leathernecks!

And finally, he’s getting his props from the announcers. They’re quoting his more than 5 ypc this game and comparing it favorably against Bush’s measly 3.7 in his play time. My hubby thinks that maybe this good showing will net him some more cash. Maybe. I’d settle for more playing time. And one hell of a touchdown run ala Hester. Please? Well, it was worth a shot. Cause that guy can run! When I first saw Hester run, I was jumping up and down saying, that’s how Stecker can run when he gets a chance. I saw it in college, etc. Yeah, I’m crazy….

Well, we’re having a great time waiting for the storm to hit here in Iowa. Bundle up everyone. I’ll see you on the other side. Bring on the thunder snow!

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