We went to three WalMarts and a Michaels

and still didn’t find the pattern I am looking for to hot iron transfer to an apron for my lil sis in law for Christmas. Apparently Michael’s doesnt have them, just the giant books that aren’t hot iron, and WalMart discontinued them from their stores in this area LAST WEEK!


So I ordered them direct from the company along with some premium flour sack towels to see if they’re better than the generic ones from.. you guessed it, WalMart. I like making day of the week towels for people. I like using them so I guess I figure as long as everyone else uses their towels every day, that they’d like them too.

I ordered from here.

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  1. I guess they have been discontinued because of poor sales. I think it is a good idea and a present that would be appreciated.I looked at the link and they have some cute transfer patterns~ are you going to tell us which ones you chose?

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