So cute! And umm, a little scary?

Okay so it’s REALLY hard to get a good picture of outside when it’s really dark through a glass door of a cute little bunny on reflective snow, but my hubby did an admirable job of trying! It was even CUTER when he pushed the snow aside with his WHOLE LITTLE NOSE to get at the little buried kernels of corn due to the rapidly falling snow. Sigh.. so when he ran away we threw out some more on top of the snow, and SOMEONE ate it last night, fresh bunny tracks in the snow..

It’s equally tough to stand outside in your workout shorts, feet stuffed halfway into shoes, and circle this guy, trying not to spook him, but wanting a really good picture. Yup, that was me at 10 am yesterday, circling a bird of prey in 15 degree weather, in shorts. I think I need a better long distance camera!


  1. We have bunnies that pop up outside our window everyday. Morgan gets SO excited to see them and will stand there and stare for several minutes.


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