Bad girl, bad girl, whatcha gonna do, when they come for you. *Updated

Okay, so I was just really, really bad. Actually I just stood up to my old boss, who after I did all her work for a year, saved her ass when she didn’t come to work, or didn’t work while she was at work for 6 months while she was pregnant, and I got a mediocre evaluation from her when I was leaving (okay so it was 4 very goods versus all excellents. I was not happy.) Anyway, from what I have heard through the grapevine, she has let the place go all to hell, she comes into work late and leaves early, then asks if her workers get there on time (the other people in the building didnt miss that if SHE was there on time, she’d know if they were on time), asks other people in the building to spy on her workers, so see if they were talking to each other too much !?! What is it about the pot calling the kettle black? And so far about 1 out of the 4 initiatives that were scheduled to be done by now have been completed. Whatever, anyway, I pointed out that their website was down. The lady that updates the website told me that there had been server damage but it was up, and to check out the site, that the boss had said that to update the site, to take off all the old information and leave only something like *to be updated later, please come back* on it. And that the boss just wouldn’t listen to her when she said that wasn’t a good idea, that you have a hard time getting people to come back to a website if there’s not SOME sort of idea as to what had been on there, the boss made her type the exact phrase in with her watching. Talk about micromanaging. Anyway, I emailed her and pointed out that perhaps her website person was right and that she should let her do her job. I got a request for a phone call. This is from a former boss mind you. And when I didnt call her within 2 hours, he he… get this… She wrote me this huge ass e-mail about how concerned she was and how she and the other lady were going to handle it. The most passive aggressive I’m threatening you e-mail I’ve ever gotten. Because I pointed out that her worker was telling her the truth and doing a good job. She could have just said, “thanks we’re working on it” but did she do that, no! Whatever. I totally just blasted her back with this long drawn out email that told her I saw right through whatever hidden stuff she was trying to throw at me, that I’d be damned if she’d ever treat me that way again, and that basically I wasn’t intimidated and as far as I was concerned, the subject was closed. I ended with a Merry Christmas! Sweet!

* Would you believe she tried to “alpha dog” me again? And she tried speaking for the other lady in the office, saying “if this is what a conversation with you is going to turn out like, WE are not interested” — I told her to speak for herself, that if the other lady thought I was out of line, she’d tell me. Then I hammered her management style and passive aggessive nature. She’s so blind to it that it’s funny. Oh and I told her “no hard feelings” – cause I don’t have any! Just thought I would share!


  1. Wahoooooo.

    That must have felt soooo good. I’m punching the air right now. Seriously, what a cow. How dare she try to intimidate ex-employees, or any empoyees for that matter. Is she mad?
    And the Happy Christmas was a lovely touch.

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