Would you like paper or plastic?

Did I mention that I got a good giggle out of my nine year old niece when we went home in October? I know I told you about going walking for field corn, i.e. where we gathered a huge plastic trash can full of field corn for our squirrels that we feed. I dont think I told you about her serious lack of “country” knowledge, even though she’s been raised there every weekend for her whole life.

So we were walking, I was trying to get some clear brain time, some exercise, and she needed something to do, so I allowed her to come along. It was a little bit muddy, and we were at the end of the row, I had taught her how to step on what she thought might be a full ear and if it squished, it definitely wasn’t. If it didnt squish, it probably was and you could look at it, make sure it wasn’t too muddy (since we were putting them in a container to save for the whole year, moisture is NOT your friend) and take off the outside and put it in the bucket.

Okay, so we are at the end of the row, and she sees one, and says, oh there’s one, it’s still in the plastic…


I’m thinking to myself… plastic. What the heck does that mean? And then I realize, she means its still in the husks. I say, M… do you know.. and she said, I know I didnt say it right, but I don’t know the word. I said to her, well, corn does come from the store in plastic, but out here it’s called husks. Yeah, she’s so not a farm girl…

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