Garth Brooks

How many of you love the G-Man? I have all of his cd’s until this most recent rendition. I haven’t checked in to see if you have to buy the whole set or if you can just get the new songs. I need to do that soon. I even have both Christmas albums, and they have been transferred to my computer, along with the rest of the cd’s, so I can have a Garth Brooks fix whenever I need it, no cd player necessary.

Here’s the thing. I would LOVE to have gone to see the concert in KC, it would have been awesome. You’re reading the gal who would put “seeing a GB concert” on her 100 things she wanted to do in her life list. Then he stopped touring. And of course, we don’t have to $500 or whatever ridiculous amount the tickets were going for after the secondary vendors snapped them all up.

My husband? Went to see him in Florida while he was in the military. And he didnt even like country music back then. He went because his friends were going. He takes every opportunity to rub that in. Sigh.

One of these days he’ll tour again and the tickets won’t be a small fortune. Then I’ll have a chance to cross something off my list.

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  1. I do like Garth. I’ve heard he’s a great performer and puts on quite a show, too. There are two songs of his that I simply can’t stand, though, that thunder rolls one (about the cheating husband) and the need to feel the thunder song. Gag to both.

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