Things I’m thankful for…

Nov 1 – For blogging buddies
Nov 2- For the income to afford take out a couple of times a month
Nov 3- For the luxury of heated homes
Nov 4- For an extra hour or two of sleep
Nov 5- For a hubby who says thank you for his coffee in the morning.
Nov 6- For a hubby that says he’s thankful he has me every day.. aww!
Nov 7- For the ability to speak, read, and write. The right way.
Nov 8- For the unconditional love of children, puppies and God.
Nov 9- For family
Nov 10- For 2 ovens when you’re drying 6 loaves of cubed bread.
Nov 11- For veterans (thank you)
Nov 12- For music that conveys so many emotions and memories.
Nov 13- For projects that never end -hey at least you’re not bored, right?
Nov 14- For the kind of love that leaves you all tied up.. in knots.
Nov 15- For fluffy, fuzzy and feathery friends to feed.
Nov 16- For dreams that DON’T come true.
Nov 17- For less crowded stores before 10 am!
Nov 18- For making up after a fight 🙂
Nov 19- For a husband that supports my efforts and listens to me.
Nov 20- For love.
Nov 21- For a nice warm night last night.
Nov 22- For a warm jacket to ward off the rain.
Nov 23- For peace and quiet.
Nov 24- For inconsiderate and rude people to remind me how to treat people.
Nov 25- For Christmas music on the radio.
Nov 26- For not having to work this morning. Boy am I tired! But thankful!
Nov 27- For doctor’s visits without much pain.
Nov 28- For pain to remind you what it’s like to live without pain.
Nov 29- For internet, tv, and radio. They keep us connected.
Nov 30- For the end of NaBloPoMo of course! Thanks for reading!


  1. Sorry I have been MIA from your blog, so much going on! Kids had alot of school meetings, I had some stuff going on, Hubby’s work is stressful, and I get the kids almost 24/7 when hubby is working . Needless to say I need a freaking vacation which is coming up Dec 8, my cruise! Hope you are doing well!

    I did manage to post a thursday post, come by and visit if you can. I will try to keep up on my blogs more!


  2. GREAT list and what a way to keep your mind focused on the GOOD everyday things of life! Looking forward to reading your list as the month progresses :).

  3. Oh crap, I feel like an unappreciative piece of poop now. Here you are being all thankful and stuff, and I just sit around and complain…how dare you! Ha. Just kidding. But you’ve totally inspired me to be uh…thankful and stuff. On my next post of course 🙂

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