Thanksgiving overview 2007

Well, let’s see, my hubby put up a ceiling, I helped make 8 batches of noodles, cube 3 loaves of bread, make the stuffing, etc. I made 5 dozen deviled eggs for 2 events, smiled on cue, and only got pissed off twice. Once at each event. Because I was taunted. The rest of the time, I had a sunny disposition.

I cleaned and walked puppies and cleaned some more. I went without a shower, didnt make a fuss when my hairdresser bailed on me (again) and dealt with countless relatives from all stripes of fabric. I giggled at my aunt’s tale of trying on spanx, put out fires (not literally) and kept them from starting.

In short, I made life a little easier for my mom with her 40 plus crowd at her home and didnt throw a stink (though I should have) when I was humiliated at my hubby’s family gathering.

I just can’t stand it when a. people ask questions when it’s none of their business and b. make fun of “who wears the pants in the family” when you ask your spouse do help you with something.

Argh! Can’t he just get a container off a high shelf without it being a penis-size debate among the men? Give me a break.

See, sunny disposition!


  1. A penis-size debate. I’m giggling at that one.

    Sorry it was so crappy for you. But, sounds like you did great at not ripping everyone a new one.

    Better than I’d have done.

  2. So, when ARE you guys going to have kids? : )

    Sorry. Just couldn’t resist.

    I’m sorry that your husband’s family is a)nosy and b) not nice. My husband’s family sounds somewhat similar, but when I ask him for help (or, more likely, insist on it) the perception is that I am not being submissive enough (wives submit to your husbands, like the church submits to Christ, etc). THAT’S always a good time. : )

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