Ahh.. the holidays

Isn’t it just great? It reminds you of why you only get together a few times a year.
It brings up good memories, and bad ones.
It means people sticking their noses where they don’t belong. And then acting hurt when you tear their heads off.

Yeah, I’ve been hounded since BEFORE my husband and I were married (virgins) as to when we were going to have kids. By HIS family. It was like, um, duh, we’re not having them before we get married. And I’ve been personally hounded ever since. My husband doesnt seem to get it. Of course, his life won’t be the one drastically changed by pregnancy. He’ll, like, have to go get ice cream and stuff. And since he’d be the one working, it would be like, um gee, I’ll watch the kid tonight so you can take a shower this week. Not a 24-7 thing. That’s the way the world works. Color me bitter, but sometimes men just don’t get it.

As for his family, they can all bite me. It’s none of their business.

By the way, saying ” we’re just having fun practicing” usually deflects the questions pretty well.

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