Silicone baking cups- Gift Idea

Save a tree or two. Invest in these Silicone baking cups that can be re-used over and over! No need for paper liners!

This all started because i bought new sugar and powdered sugar and didnt realize that the new bag plus the old wouldnt fit in the container together. so…………..i dumped the old stuff out into a bowl and put the new bag in the i have a bowl of sugar and powdered sugar sitting on the counter. i said, gee i’d like to get rid of the powdered sugar, but i’d have to make like cake or hubby jumped right on it. oh if you could make cupcakes i would take them to work.. mmmk.i was in for it. then i realized.. .duh no cupcake pans because i hadn’t had them forever since we moved like 4 years ago they were all packed away. so we decide to go to the store. we poke around and finally find these…. they are bakeable freezable and also dishwasherable and i think for about six dollars for 12, they are a steal, and could be a great present.

Here’s what you do… tada, you bake the person muffins in the cups and put them in a basket, and tie the box to the basket with some ribbon.tuck a dishtowel over the muffins and voila! a perfect gift. i would recommend 2 sets since cupcakes usually go in sets of 24 to a box mix. you wash them first and dry them out, spray a little cooking spray in them and fill them. stick them on a baking sheet and then bake them, pull the sheet out and let them cool. the cupcakes or muffins will pop right out. of course, if you’re giving them away, just leave them in the cups so that they can see how they work, or have to wash them. duh! he he! and that’s a gift with a baked good, which everyone could use a little breakfast muffin right? oh and of course a new tea towel and basket. still.. a good deal all around!


  1. I have never seen these, but I have not really looked either. I must find some. I love making muffins. 😀

    You so creative. 😀

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