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I told you recently about the take out containers you could put on the back of those cute santa sleigh things… as a gift for a secret santa or someone else you dont know really well but must give a gift to. I bought these containers about 3 years ago from Crate and Barrel. However, I have seen them recently at Michael’s craft store as well. They are typically less than $1 apiece and look just like chinese take out containers, down to the little wire handle and tuck in flaps. They are food grade, and I have used them for giving small gifts of candy and cookies at the holidays, or a small gift throughout the year. You can even get them in holiday patterns now. They also come in various sizes from what would hold around a golf ball to what would hold a quart of rice or a small stuffed animal like a webkinz or beanie baby. You could add a ribbon to the metal handle and punch a hole in a gift tag to attach it to the gift, or just stick a label on the box. If you don’t put anything too greasy in it, or directly stick the label on it, the person could even re-use the box for something else, even another gift. Save a lot of paper this Christmas on your tiny trinkets.

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  1. OMG those things are tooooo cute!!!!

    We don’t have a Michael’s here, but my mom and sis go to one once in awhile. I will have to tell them about these. 😀

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