Take out containers and a cute craft for Christmas

I dont’ think I’ve posted about this yet, so here’s a nifty gift for that hard to buy for co worker, secret santa at work… or a cute giveaway for a holiday party, decoration for your table, etc. If I can do it, anyone can do it. All you need besides candy is a pair of scissors, scotch tape, a bit of ribbon, string, or cord, and a little box or “take out” container. The candy consists of a regular hershey bar, a chocolate santa (both can be bought in sets of 6), 2 candy canes per sled, and some of the teeny candy bars for “presents” on the front. The take out containers (or small box if you prefer) are great to hold an ornament, a small present or like we did a check for our nieces and nephews.

All you do is take the Hershey bar (or your favorite wide bar), and tape the canes to the bottoms/sides of the bar. Line up the canes with the back of the bar, the bows of the cane rest just in front of the bar. Just use a length of tape and stick the edge on the bottom of the bar in front and back, letting the rest lie on the table face up. Set the cane on top, and roll the tape over it to the top of the candy bar. Try and keep the cane straight so it will “sit” level and the “runner” will not bow in or out. Once you get both canes/runners attached and adjusted so they’re level, you’re ready to finish your project. Attach your small box to the back of the bar with tape. Add the santa with a loop of tape on the bottom to lean up against the box. Add a loop to its back to the box if necessary. Make sure you still have room for “presents” at the front. I attached 2 of the mini candy bars together bottom to bottom with a piece of tape and tied a piece of cord or ribbon in a knot. I taped the knot down and then used the edge of a pair of scissors to curl the ribbon. Voila, Santa comes to visit with candy and a little gift, whatever you wish to add to the box.


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