Overprotective mom your ASS is MINE! GROW UP!

how about this for news? some idiot parent (assuming mom) got pissed off because their pwecious wittle baby got scaa-wed by that big mean ho ho hoing santa claus at the mall so now santa can’t ho ho ho anymore. He has to ha ha ha in a higher tone of voice so as to not scare the little kids. WHAT? Umm hello?

What in the hell ever happened to 1. deciding if your kid is even old enough to see Santa Claus and keep them away if not 2. accepting fault and bowing out if not 3.explaining what is going to happen to your kid so he knows what to expect ahead of time, and 4. accepting the consequences of YOUR actions and remind your child that Santa ALWAYS ho ho hos and again, there’s nothing to be scared of.

I have an idea that this mom (again assuming no dad is going to just run to the mall to see Santa) was embarrassed by her kid’s crying and wanted someone else to pay for her extreme embarrassment. Instead of accepting the fault for herself, and comforting her kid, she blames the situation and ruins the visit to Santa Claus for all the other kids ( this could spread beyond one mall to all the malls in a town, or to the whole country) – I rebel. More dignified and better moms unite and tell that one mom that blabs out that she’s insane and her problems aren’t the world’s. Accept blame where you should. And overprotective mom – Your ASS is MINE! GROW UP! Accept responsibility. What are you going to do, sit during organized sports and get the whole opposite team thrown out because your kid gets injured? Are you going to force them to take specific classes during high school and college so that they don’t learn about sex ed? Pick out their spouse for them? Name their kids and raise them too? Come on!

For God’s sake don’t ruin a fun time for everyone else. Please! Accept responsibility for yourself and YOUR ACTIONS! If it’s your fault, not the situation, think it over! Don’t make life a little worse for everyone else because you have a cob up your butt. You can’t do everything for your kid. You need to learn that they will fail, they will get hurt, they will learn and get better. You either A. Don’t want to take the time to talk to them or B. really are dumber than you look.

Save Santa! HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!


  1. It’s like that bum that got food poisoning in NYC and then all the restaurants that donated their leftovers to the food pantries weren’t allowed to anymore. 1 bad apple ruins everything these days. I thought it was democracy with the majority vote, not cater everything to the minority.

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