Fun Monday- Mother May I? Photo Attack

Hootin Anni Photo Attack- It’s all about your first glance after the giant/baby steps!!! [You will have 2 photos/stories for us- the 30 giant steps & the 15 baby steps going back]Don’t forget—ask “Mother may I”!! And see who is playing! Oh yeah and bonus points (whatever that means) for the person that can tell me what on earth is wrong with my shower curtain. go ahead, tell me. The first 2 pictures are the shower curtain in our bathroom. The last picture is a bear I got for Christmas one year. He has a slightly chewed on nose from my first dog I trained in obedience. He was still a puppy then. And he’s wearing a graduation robe, my high school honors cords, and my husband’s graduation cap and tassel. My tassels and hat are underneath the bear. He’s sitting in my old little rocking chair in the spare bedroom.


  1. I want your shower curtains!!!!!!!! I haven’t found none like that. I like the bear. That gives me an idea for my class room, but I don’t know where my cap and cown are. I think they were at my dad’s.

  2. Hmm…I just notice that a lot of those frogs aren’t looking into each other’s EYES, but seem to be checking out each other’s nether-regions. Naughty frogs!

  3. OH! Is Tiggerlane right? Some don’t have arms? Creepy….

    I had a collectible bear that I got in college and when my husband and I got our dog – the bear nose was the first thing to go too.

    Why do dogs chew on the noses?

  4. Seriously why do dogs chew on the noses first? Ok so Tiggerlane got it right didn’t she? I’m glad I don’t have to say the only thing I could come up with…lets just say I was looking through not at the frogs! I love frogs BTW. I have a froggy bathroom for the boys.

  5. RYC – it’s okay if the letter catches fire before it goes up to Santa… If you’re not using a fireplace, it’s probably better, actually. My cousin used to use her grill for the mailing of letters to Santa.

  6. What cute froggies. the most noticeable thing is that they don’t have arms. Other than that, very cute

    rlmccormack at sbcglobal . net

    robin of mytwoblessings

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