What did I do this weekend?…

  • Swanson broth on sale (only got 12 cans, will go back for more, sigh)
  • Found Bob’s, (THE ONLY ONES TO EAT) they come in 48 ct. Oh well!
  • 4 hour drive “home” – bought dinner for mom and dad Friday night
  • Warm puppies to greet you like you’re not a stranger. Stop licking me!
  • TV full of ghosts, computer hackers, scary situations & girls kicking a$$
  • Chopped 6 loaves of bread into squares and dried in the oven to make dressing/stuffing for church meal (95 people)– (that’s 12 sticks of butter if anyone’s counting).
  • Mixed, rolled dough, and then cranked out noodles. 10 meals worth.
  • Pictures, pictures! Bronco top ensconced in pickup truck.
  • Lots of QT with the ‘rents (and dogs, I guess) stop licking me already.
  • Mixed and stirred, stirred and mixed.
  • Savored the sound of a trumpet playing patriotic hymns.
  • Smells of heaven the whole weekend through.
  • Favorite foods in one place, before Thanksgiving. And again in 11 days!
  • Quintessential lil church lady homemade angel food cake.. ahh!
  • Spiritual contentment.
  • 4 hours home (2 hours of driving in traffic (for me hell on earth)-at dusk & dark, ick!)
  • Remembered to get a frozen pizza on Friday for dinner tonight. Bonus.


  1. So funny about Bob’s. What about Bob? I just bought a canister of Bob’s a couple of days ago. I love them. I took some to church with me in a ziplock bag and unwrapped them so the wrappers wouldn’t make noise as I indulged!

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