Recipe Cards and preserving family secrets

Just as a reminder for anyone attempting to wrangle their recipes, here’s the entry for you:

We created the template and saved it in Microsoft Word, and then every time we wanted to type in a new recipe we just went to file, open template and typed it in, hit save as, and voila you have a new recipe ready for printing. We just recently made a desktop shortcut to “family recipes” for my mom and I used a usb flash drive and stole the recipes. I havent done anything per se with them yet, I just have them as a back-up in case their computer crashes. So just some thoughts on how to keep your recipes in order and safeguard your family secrets…

and of course I’m spilling all my family’s tried and true family secret recipes on a secret blog. Ha!

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  1. Great idea. I had a “thought” to do something like this last year. I ended up spending hours and days and weeks typing up all my family’s recipes and made a family cookbook. Recipes are always such a great thing to keep from family members. Now I can cook some of the same things I remember my Granny cooking when I was little. Okay, so mine not be quite as good as hers, but I’m workin’ on it! 😛

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