1. I wear a pedometer and usually log around 8000 steps a day. And that’s with a fair amount of butt-in-chair time. Have no idea what I did pre-kids, though.

  2. I use to wear a pedometer. When I worked at the prison, we had a long hike from the parking lot to the jail and then through the jail to our offices. I wanted to know how far I walked in a day (I’m a dork like that). On an average day, I use to log over 17,000 steps.

    I don’t know about the weight thing. I gained 50 pounds when pregnant, but was lucky to drop it all within a few months. Some people drop it easy, others don’t. Don’t be worried about that right now–now’s not the time to be thinking of how easy/difficult losing the weight will be. Just focus on being healthy 🙂

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