Did you burn more calories before or after having kids?
Just wondering. And if your eating per se doesnt change while you’re pregnant, will it be easier to take off (shut up I’m already at least 20 lbs overweight so i dont need to gain any) later on?
Just wondering…

does anyone wear a pedometer to see how far they really go in a day?


  1. I wear a pedometer and usually log around 8000 steps a day. And that’s with a fair amount of butt-in-chair time. Have no idea what I did pre-kids, though.

  2. I use to wear a pedometer. When I worked at the prison, we had a long hike from the parking lot to the jail and then through the jail to our offices. I wanted to know how far I walked in a day (I’m a dork like that). On an average day, I use to log over 17,000 steps.

    I don’t know about the weight thing. I gained 50 pounds when pregnant, but was lucky to drop it all within a few months. Some people drop it easy, others don’t. Don’t be worried about that right now–now’s not the time to be thinking of how easy/difficult losing the weight will be. Just focus on being healthy 🙂

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