Crazy Eights

I was tagged by Blue Momma to do the following:

8 things I’m passionate about:
1. My hubby
2. The golden rule and courtesy, politeness, respect
3. Diversity, inclusiveness, keeping an open mind
4. Being a positive influence on the children in my life
5. Better maternity, paternity & family medical leaves
6. Law and order and crime shows
7. Puppies – I love big dogs
8. Blogging

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Give having kids a shot
2. Go to Ireland
3. Own a house
4. Publish something, sell something I created, etc.
5. Donate hair to locks of love
6. Make a large donation to a food pantry
7. Change the life of a stranger and find out about it later
8. Make a difference somehow!

8 things I say often:
1. I love you
2. Nobody loves me; I don’t have any e-mail
3. I wish I could help in some way
4. Arf, ruff, woof, auuuuuu
5. Oh aren’t you cute (to birds, rabbits, squirrels outside the window)
6. We need a puppy
7. I’m hungry
8. Give me a kiss/hug/etc

8 Books I’ve read recently:
1. Bones to Ashes – Kathy Reichs
2. Break no Bones -KR
3. Bare Bones -KR
4. Death du Jour -KR
5. Monday Mourning -KR
6. Cross Bones -KR
7. Fatal Voyage-KR
8. Grave Secrets-KR

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over (This was really tough):
1. 1985 by Bowling for Soup
2. Let It Be by the Beatles
3. Not me by Keni Thomas, Vince Gill and Emmylou Harris
4. Fore she was Mama by Clay Walker
5. If you don’t want to love me by Cowboy Troy
6. Anything by Garth Brooks (yes that’s a total cop out)
7. Imagine by John Lennon
8. Wind of Change by the Scorpions

8 Things that Attract Me to My Best Friends:
1. They listen
2. They ask for advice
3. They provide honest feedback
4. They are different from me
5. They have heart
6. They make me see the other side of the situation
7. They are funny
8. They make me more “me”

8 People I Think Should Do Crazy Eights:
1. Amy W from A Family Story
2. Barnmouse
3. Happy Working Mom
4. Joy from A Spot of T
5. Deb from Pumpkin Patch
6. Karina
7. Heather Shibby Shabby
8. Target Girl


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