Caffeine Free

I’ve been off of caffeine now since the end of July – that’s 3 months. The most challening thing so far is ordering in a restaurant, I have to remember to order rootbeer or sprite, something like that, in order to avoid being served caffeine. I’ve had about 5 sips of tea, which technically has caffeine in it, but I never felt a jolt of any kind, it was to be polite or just wet my whistle. And I have to try to explain if anyone asks, why I dont drink coffee anymore. I think the last time I said, oh it’s my last vice, I decided to give it up, and of course…

The great thing is, I sleep like crazy. And it’s true. I do sleep like crazy. I close my eyes and it’s several hours before I open them again (depending on my bladder) No more laying in bed awake trying to get to sleep. If I am sitting in a chair reading and warm, forget it. My body immediately goes into sleep mode and I can nod off for 20 minutes and not know it. I can’t decide if I feel after those episodes or not. Maybe they’ll be useful one of these days. Who knows. And most of the time, I’m not sleepy midafternoon like crazy like I was before. I don’t really intend for this to be inspirational, just sharing how good it feels to just lay down and sleep, nothing artificially keeping me awake. Ahh. Sleep.


  1. I, too, am caffeine-free. Not so much because of the child-bearing thing, but because caffeine was starting to give me a killer headache when I had it.

    Beware that the bite in Barq’s? Yeah, it’s caffeine. I discovered that AFTER I bought 4 12 packs, so I decided to drink it anyway and discovered that I didn’t get a headache unless I had several in a day and the withdrawal hasn’t been so bad now that they are gone, so I don’t think there’s a LOT of caffeine in there, but it is still listed as an ingredient.

    Also, I am a HUGE fan of decaf tea made into iced tea. Lipton is the best!

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