Magnets Magnets we adore thee…

Okay, now hopefully these will allow you to click on them and get a better idea of what they look like. This is my latest bit of craftiness. The shapes you see before thee (sorry, can’t get the manwich song out of my head) – were plain wooden shapes before I got ahold of them. I have mentioned before that I can draw a mean turtle, well now there’s the proof. I used paints, brushes, a little mixing palette, a couple of paint markers, and superglue for the magnets. What do you think? I would rate these as a difficulty level 1 on a scale of 1 to 5. Mostly, on these, I looked at pictures of cartoon and real versions of the animals for a few minutes online, and then made any sketch notes (for the beetle I drew the windows, because I royally messed up the first time, hey, paint is forgiving, just add another coat!) for the birdhouses I sketched a couple of simple outlines of birds and asked my hubby which one looked better. Basically everything is either full paint, a dot, a swoosh, or a line. It’s easier than it looks. The cutouts were from Michaels’ and cost either 20 or 25 cents apiece (they were on sale the first time I got some to try it out) I already had the paint and brushes and palettes from doing stuff before, and I bought a teeny tiny paint marker to do the dots on the birds eyeballs, etc. since you CAN get a brush that small, but I’m not steady enough to hold it and just barely dot, but with a pen I can. My Mom likes birdhouses/birds, my MIL likes lighthouses, one of my SIL likes frogs, my lil SIL (13) likes cars, especially bug cars, and I just thought I’d try out the rest to see what I thought. These will likely all go away this Christmas as gifts. I thought I’d do magnets, cause #1 everyone has a fridge, #2 they are likely covered in junk magnets you get through the mail or ones for pizza delivery, and if I do say so myself (and I do) these are a ton cuter, and #3 you can leave them out all year long, unlike some of the other cutesy things I have painted, which only come out during the holidays. Alright, here’s a bonus picture. Mr. Bones was about $1.50 – I used the paint marker I already had to draw on him. I didnt have a Halloweeny door decoration, so now I do!


  1. I wish I had more time to explore my crafty side and do stuff like that. It’s pretty neat what you’ve done! Everything I start on never gets finished though…pfft.

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