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  1. I’ve been trying to keep homemade chicken stock on hand in the freezer. It’s so much better than the canned, but I like to keep canned around too because it’s faster than thawing that bag of frozen stock. I’ve been using Hyacinth’s recipe off The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It’s kind of a nice project for a lazy day when you just want to sit around and read blogs:o) It isn’t hard and there’s all the wait time to read.

    For chicken noodle soup, I use chicken broth, cooked chicken, Reame’s frozen noodles, and frozen broccoli (because the prep is done for you and it doesn’t go bad waiting to be used). This is the way dh’s mom makes chicken noodle soup and dh and the kids love it. It’s healthier than the way I would have made it with all that broccoli added.

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