Michael’s Craft Store w/updates

Okay, so here’s a taste of what you can find at Michael’s. Stuff to paint, paint and brushes, markers, tshirts and printing materials for iron ons, pre-made gifts and crafts, silk flowers, glue, vases, frames, easels, cards, notebooks and stocking stuffer or birthday party bag items (but not cheap plastic China leaden toys), seasonal items, colored faux chinese take out boxes for packaging small items, woodburning, thread, needles, pattern books and pre-packed items for cross stitching, knitting, awesome kits for kids such as hook and latch, hundreds of scrapbooking pens, paper, stamping items, stuff for everyone. Oh and BASKETS!

If you can’t find something here to either purchase directly to give as a gift, gift to yourself, or further create with painting, sewing, etc. to fancy up and give away, then there’s something wrong with you. Here’s a couple of items I recently bought for fall decorations. The baking dishes can really be used for baking (dishwasher, oven, microwave safe) or just as decorations, and I spent less than $10.

Update: Kellie just posted a comment about baking mini loaves of bread in them and giving them as gifts. That’s an awesome idea. Come to think of it, you could do BOTH. I’m sure they put these out with Christmas decorations on them too, I may have even seen them there the last time I went. The point is, I got these for 50 cents apiece and they may have only been $1 to start with. You could bake the loaf of bread in the pan. Take it out, wash the pan, put the loaf back inside a plastic bag and put it back in the pan. 2 gifts in one. I am awesome. Thanks for the idea Kellie.

What I meant to do was update that I had seen a LOT of things that would be great for small items to add to packages (pre painted ornaments for about 60 cents for those un-crafty out there) – and things like calendars (I didnt get a chance to look at these fully) for $1. That would save a bunch on items I normally buy a calendar for at least one person a year and pay $5-8. I could add a couple of candles and an ornament to their gift for that. Take a day and look around. This stuff is not junk just because it’s inexpensive. I highly recommend this over a dollar store for ideas especially for kids stocking stuffers or the hard to buy for tween age girl.


  1. I’m not a crafty person, but I LOVE Michael’s. I love getting seasonal decorations and not cutting into my Target fund TOO much 🙂

    I have tons of the baking dishes and think they’re so cute. I bake mini loaves of bread in them and give them as part of Christmas gifts.


  2. I’m heading to Michael’s tomorrow for some of those mini loaf pans! I do my weekly grocery shopping on Saturdays anyway and Michael’s is right next door to Walmart. I like to make pumpkin bread to give out to family, friends, and neighbors around Thanksgiving and these would be so nice to give it in.

    I think I’ll post my pumpkin bread recipe this weekend. I’m so excited about this holiday tradition Fun Monday thing. My pumpkin bread is a tradition at our house, but it isn’t the one I want to write about. If I post Saturday or Sunday about it, people who scroll down will get a twofer:o)

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