Jump start on Christmas

I found these items at Michaels Craft Store. I had a coupon for 40% off of a single item (not on sale) since all the fall stuff WAS on sale, at good discounts, I used the coupon for this sleigh. It’s really pretty and could be used for multiple things during the Holidays. The runners are curved so it rocks. Literally.

The best part is the cards, though. I’m going to use them for Christmas cards. Normally I wait until the end of the season and fight the crowds the day after Christmas to buy cards on clearance at a discount store-I pay $2.50-5.00 for 18 cards. But last year I didnt find any cute ones. So I didnt buy any. At Michaels I found these 3 “flavors” that are blank inside for $1 for 10 cards. In the store, there were also more elaborate cards with inscriptions on the inside for $15 for 18 cards. You do the math. There were other “flavors” including black/white dot, poinsetta, etc. In another part of the store there were blue and white/silver “flavors” as well if you don’t want to do red and black. I plan on using up the snowflakes first and then probably the penguins, as the dots could be used throughout the year for thank you notes, thinking of you notes, party invitations, etc. I highly recommend skipping the glitter and glitz of $5-15 Christmas cards – get some dollar packs and put some additional money into something else this year. I bet your kids would love another stocking stuffer.

Speaking of that, there were “matching” magnetic list pads (others did have holiday sayings) but I got a red dot one and put it up on the fridge for a year-round shopping list ($1). There were hosts of other things as well, such as little diaries and other things that would be good stocking stuffers, that aren’t candy, that might be useful or give your kids something to play with. I didnt eye these much since I dont have kids, but you might want to! I think I’ll continue this tomorrow since there’s a lot more I could say..

Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, and see you tomorrow for NaBloPoMo!


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