Fun Monday – Update – Are there liars out there?

Okay, so this is written or intended with sarcasm, cause I’m a non-smoker. Have you ever seen the old shakespeare plays where the common people “thumbed their noses” at each other? Well this is kind of the same thing.

So tell me this, why out of all of the people that posted for Fun Monday, did we not see anyone that owns up to taking smokes with them? Is everyone a non-smoker? Or are they hiding their beasts?

I personally don’t smoke, can’t stand it, but I just wondered if people were hiding it cause they were embarrassed? I mean everyone commented on mountain dew, coffee, or diet coke, but no cigs. What gives? I thumb my nose at you!


  1. I saw one person who owned up to her cigs being something she can’t leave home without…but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was, as I decided that as hostess this week I would make it a point to visit EVERYONE who signed up…so now I can’t remember who did what! haha But that is a very good question! Could it be that we are becoming a nation of nonsmokers? Hmmm…

  2. well I am a smoker and get alot of heat for it.. i didn’t do fun monday but i don’t know if i would have put that in because folks give smokers alot of angst over it. why bring trouble ya know? i have tried quitting and will continue to try quiting one of these days i will get it right;)

  3. I didn’t do fun monday because I have no idea how on earth you guys sign up for it, but if I did? Hmmm…yeah, I totally would have put my ciggies in the open. You guys know I smoke, I talk about it sometimes. I’m not afraid! So instead of thumbing your nose, plug it, cuz I’m lighting one up 🙂

  4. Don’t you know smoking is soooo last millenium? Okay, I’m kinda kidding smokers, but I do think it isn’t as popular as it once was.

  5. I’ve never smoked – not even one sneaked when I was a teenager.
    I may sound prissy – but it wasn’t that. I just wasn’t interested.

    I was more interested in.. uh.. ahem… men.

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