The father of Lil Mouse

Ewell F. Andrews first trained as an accountant, Vietnam war veteran for 2 tours on an aircraft carrier, later trained himself in computers and will finish his working years helping others get their computers set up and fixed up. He had a couple of lapses in employment, but for the most part was the breadwinner when Lil Mouse was growing up. He drove the 82 Ford truck to work for years. When he started working in Springfield he began riding a commuters van and eventually he had a new diesel to get water from town. He had varied interests from miniature clocks and woodworking of all types to teaching Boy Scouts to tie Sailor’s knots, throwing together a fire and clearing brush (it seemed to run in the family), his favorite pasttime was napping or sitting on the porch with a glass of tea and the dogs talking. Back in the day he fed all the horses and did the transporting of Lil Mouse to dog training and horse training exercises and helped out. He helped with the garden harvesting, tilling, and in general getting it ready for spring and fall. He built the trellises that held up the pretty honeysuckle that was the archway for Lil Mouse and her husband to wed. When the grandchildren came around, he helped them with derby cars and school projects, taught them about woodworking (they each got a hammer) and as they got older, taught them about cars, let them drive or ride in the old jeep across the pasture. He was the one that got all dressed warm and pulled people out of the snow on the road when necessary. He had an old tractor named Henry, who eventually didn’t run anymore and got a new one, which he used to mow and spray the pasture, pick up things no one else wanted to touch, and carry stuff from one place to another in the bucket. He didnt know a stranger and often joked with random people waiting in line and was friendly overall. Which was embarrassing to Lil Mouse.

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