If you need this warning, I want to hurt you….

Okay, I bought these from a vending machine, keep in mind they you actually have to #1 have money, #2 be able to reach the slots to insert the money, and #3 be able to punch in the keys in order to be able to get these. I would correlate that to being able to READ. Right?

Then you see the “contains” warning on the back. For all the STUPID people in this world. Now granted, a little kid might not know any better, but if you’re old enough to read the WARNING LABEL!!!! You’re old enough to READ THE FRONT OF THE PACKAGE! AND KNOW WHAT IS IN IT!!! And Yes, I do realize that peanut allergies are serious. But for the love of GOD. YES THERE ARE “PEANUT INGREDIENTS” in peanuts! Did you really have to put that there, along with the words peanuts on the front AND in the ingredients? sheesh!


  1. Sadly, my daughter has a peanut allergy and we’ve heard people say, “But she can eat peanut butter, right?” Arg! Some people are that stupid!

  2. I was looking for a package of peanuts that said it contained peanuts for the Wacky Warning Label contest over at The Parent Bloggers Network. DOH! Guess I was looking in the wrong spot. Oh well…

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