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Okay, so blouse wasn’t really necessary, but it rhymed. I actually had one request for some pictures so people would know what I was talking about. The previous advice was for temps trying to work their way up, but stuck in a VERY casual workplace.. read the other post here or keep reading for more. Key points highlighted below:

1. Dress appropriately for your venue, age bracket, and season/time of day.
2. Having some suits to mix in with your jeans and other items is very helpful.
3. Unless you’re a size 2 and can wear anything, separates are the key.
4. Don’t be afraid of color.
5. Keep your trendy splurges for accessories and don’t build your wardrobe around them, or you’ll end up building a whole new one next year. And t shirts with a few exceptions are for workouts, dog washing, or painting the house only.

All set? Okay! I’ll try and show pictures of major pieces that you could add
to a wardrobe that would help you mix and match. First up: Trouser jeans.
Duh, they look like dress pants at first but they are jeans. So you can skate by at work, OR you can snazz up your weekend or after work look and kick the other soccer moms a$$e$. Next: we all know what polo shirts are, but I would only recommend them for temps or if you truly work at a hardware store, have a company that makes you wear them, etc. The fabric isn’t all that feminine and who wants to look like a guy (unless you are one, or want to be one-no judgement here)… Now. as for shirts with embellishment. Go with your gut here. Look at yourself in the mirror. Grab a suit jacket from the rack or a denim jacket. Or both. and see how it looks. The mauve one has a little tie in the front and has a pattern to it. The gold one may be a bit too much but it’s another example of how to class up your wardrobe. Put it under a black jacket and a skirt and you’re all set. The glory of a lot of this is that you can wear it over and over again because you can amass a set of staples to wear them with. The third one is just an example of a different kind of detail. Same goes with sleeved, short sleeved, and camisoles. Lace, a few sequins, wont hurt a thing.

You can’t go wrong with a denim pencil skirt either.
Especially in a dark color. And for the skirts, something with more than one color can help. That way you can wear it lots of different ways. Notice below, blue and black and tan and brown.

How about jackets, you say. Well I’m having trouble finding something that says military specifically. I did find a men’s jacket. So just picture it a little less square. The style and buttons and etc. are all the same. The velvet one would only work for fall and winter, of course, but the idea there is color. And shape. See, she has a waist! Even if you’re chubby like me, you can have one too!

Anyway, the idea is that you can update your shirts (see above) and get rid of those old tshirts you throw on to go out the door. Grab a denim jacket and some cargo pants and you’re set. A lot of stores even have a shop online version of “mix and match” that allows you to shop by a whole outfit. Which might help. So what do you think? Granted, all of the items above don’t match, but you know what YOU already have in your closet. Do you have a navy blue suit? Use the jacket, the gold top and the black and blue skirt above. Use a white lace trimmed camisole, the teal velvet jacket and the denim pencil skirt or trouser pants. That’s 2 options. use a brown suit jacket, the brown and orange skirt above, and a cream colored shirt that has a few sequins. Pair the same jacket and shirt with the cargo pants. And the trouser jeans. Use the velvet jacket with your black dress pants and a black sequined tank for a dinner out. See? Easy. Any other questions, let me know. I’m happy to sit and look at clothes to help you out!


  1. Thanks for the great tips! I’m not really sure how to fit it all in yet. I do think I will do a Fashion Friday post tomorrow. I’ve done Funky Fashion Friday, but now I’m hoping for more Fun and less Funky:o) I do love the cargo pants and tan jacket you showed and the Levi’s trouser jeans I found when I googled earlier. I’ll be looking to see how I can figure out what fits my own style (or maybe what *is* my style first) from your great tips.
    Thanks Again!

  2. I’m all about jackets and jean trousers. I have a huge wardrobe built around them with a couple of key dressier pieces for when I need to wear them. As for polo’s, a lot of companies have some cute women’s fit ones that hug the body and give a nice look versus the hardware store look.

    I could talk clothes all day long. Now only if I had the money to buy all the pieces I want!! (Shoes, let’s talk shoes next!)

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