Don’t Apologize…

I know that people in general are afraid if they whine too much that they’ll turn people off of their blogs. The truth of the matter is, that if we didnt whine, not only would we explode, but we’d be boring bloggers too! So, PLEASE! If you blog a little whinily, (not a word) then Don’t Apologize! Blog it, get through it, and get on with it. Cause you bloggers out there are WAY too awesome to spend half your posts apologizing for being human. Last I checked, only humans could use the internet…that we know of…


  1. How funny you should mention that! I composed a (very) whiny post in my head last night as I was lying in bed and then never wrote it out today because I thought “Nah! Too whiny. People will think all I do it bitch and moan.” I think I might actually write it out tomorrow thanks to you. (and I’m sure I’ll feel so much better once I do!)

    oh, and I just noticed your request at the top of the page here and my email addy is just in case that’s important! 😉

  2. I whine so much on my blog, I’m surprised you guys don’t send me cheese to go with it 🙂

    But, you’re right. We are human. It’s our blog. We can whine 🙂

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