Blog Bling #2

I got another award!!!! I make Shibby Shabby smile 🙂 (-:

Here’s what the creator of this award has to say about passing it on: The thing that I love most about blogging is that I learn so much about a person just by reading their blog. I have met MANY wonderful people with wonderful stories to tell, and I am grateful every day for each person that I have the pleasure of crossing paths in life with. I wanted to create something special for the top ten people who have inspired me through their blogging; the stories they tell, and the lives that they lead with grace and dignity. I visit their blogs for inspiration and encouragement. Please grab your badge and wear it(with a smile) proudly, and pass it on because you inspire and encourage me, thank you. So, now it is my turn to pass it on.

Okay, I dont know ten that I havent given a different (nicey award) to. Cause I like sharing the wealth.. So… like SS did, I will provide 5:

1. KTa longtime friend, we share a common past, so its easy to take courage from her accomplishments.
2. Kerithan Iowa blogger go midwest! she’s a new read for me and I feel closer to the blogging community!
3. Blue Mommaanother new read–she tells it like it is! And I like that!
4. Chris B -From across the pond. I gravitated to her for her interesting topics & chance to live vicariously.
5. JiltShe is an awesome mom-tastic blogger with her Monster Spray (TM) – I envy!


  1. OH…MY…GOSH…I MADE ANOTHER BLOG…I MADE ANOTHER BLOG… and i was just thinking about you cause we live so close…we should really have coffee…and not cybercoffee but the real stuff…I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW MY HUBBY…YOU ARE AWESOME…!

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