Rude People…

You know, on occasion, I have been rude to people. Even people I love. But I try my best NOT to be rude to people who are strangers to me, and over happenstance that is un-important or not that person’s fault.

My co-worker is out today. Friday is payday and usually she goes around handing out checks. I guess it allows her to move around, so that’s her business, and in her place, I might do the same. She just suggested that since I had to do it, and dont know where any of these people “live” at work, that I send them an email and say “come get ’em”. I described where I was sitting, and what I was wearing. Most everyone was fine, except one lady. Who happened to come while I went to the bathroom. Okay, 4 minutes, tops. It’s down the hall, out the door back down the hall 2 corners, and up 2 flights of stairs, then back. I still made it in under 5 minutes. I missed this lady by 30 seconds. She didnt want to wait, apparently. Excuse me, I have THE RIGHT TO PEE! I did everything right. I had to finish up one thing for my boss, and before I could call her back, she called and was very snotty and said “can I come pick my check up NOW!?!” I said, “sure” in a cheery tone. Why let her ruin my day? Then she shows up, with a sour look on her face. I got her check, smiled, and then she snottily goes “does DEAN have to come up for HIS TOO?”.. I said “I’d prefer that, yes.” and smiled. Not a chance in HELL that I’m going to hand someone else a person’s paycheck. I wouldn’t want it done to me. GRRRRR. On the other hand, everyone else has been pleasant.. Sigh!


  1. OH! I hate rude people like that. I am like you, though. I can’t be rude back to someone who is rude to me. I usually spend the rest of the day stewing about it and coming up with snarky comebacks.

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