Not enough time..

I was going to use the post title, I’m late, I’m late.. but I figured it would be misconstrued. Just popped in to say that I have very little time to blog now because I’m still working, and will likely be for a little while longer. The lady I’m replacing, well she had broken her leg and now walking around on it, has stressed her knee out. So I will definitely finish this week, plus around 2 in October, if not more. Of course, I had anticipated the 2 weeks in October. So all in all I’m back to where I started. Which is good. I guess this just ran in a circle, but you know what I’m up to. Working, coming home and fixing dinner, and then laundry and dishes and my fall lineup, and well sleep. Just not enough time to write a decent post.. but I’m reading everyone else’s and thinking about all my readers.


  1. Being busy is good….but, can make you wish for another 10 hours in the day. No worries on not posting…we’ll still be here when you have the time 🙂

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