Fall Lineup

Sunday (Night football, of course)
-Cold Case (CBS)
-Shark (CBS)

Monday (night football, duh!)
-Heroes (NBC)
-CSI Miami (CBS)

Tuesday——if you don’t watch Bones or House you are MISSING OUT!!!!
-Bones (Fox)
-House (Fox)
-Law & Order SVU (NBC)

Wednesday (lacking)

-Without a Trace (CBS)

-Ghost Whisperer (CBS)
-Numbers (CBS)

I didnt add any new shows, and here is the list of mid-season shows we love:

Law and Order (regular)
Jericho (OMG Dont you watch this!-why not?)

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  1. Love Shark 🙂 CSI is another of my must see shows, as is Without A Trace. I have some sitcoms, too, and my reality show fix. Have some new shows off ABC that I recorded to watch this weekend to see if I’ll like them.

    I love fall tv 🙂

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