Weekend Update

Matthew went to the orthodontist this weekend so we left at 4:30 after i got out of work to get there around 8 pm. We took the parents dogs for a walk to check out the new/construction on the pond. There’s only a tiny bit of water coming up from the spring. I dont know how they’ll ever get the pond filled. We got better views by daylight. It looks like a bunch of dirt just pushed around to me. Matthew seemed to think it was cool. I think he just likes the idea of using heavy equipment to move dirt around.. back to the sandbox anyone?

The dogs were happy about the walk at night and spent the next half hour “wallering” us. That continued in intervals throughout the weekend. We ate some good homemade food, and even had Aurelio’s pizza because we hadn’t had dinner yet so we called ahead and picked it up on our way through our college town Friday night. Sunday noon was basically Thanksgiving dinner, my request. I’d been hungry for noodles and stuffing lately. I dont know why, but it was tasty. All but one niece and nephew were out on Sunday for that. It’s the youngest’s 7th birthday this week on the 19th and he’s in first grade. He read his happy birthday sack out loud. Awesome.

We had church and I got to ogle the only baby there cause the mom called me over to chat. There’s always that dreaded “so when are you guys having kids” conversation that rolls around and apparently after the last time we were home someone asked my mom about it. She said she didnt know but she thought it would be rude to ask, and of course good church goin people didnt think it was rude and I guess they were trying to smooth it over with me several weeks later. Of coures, I didnt know anything about it, because since mom thought it was rude, she didnt point out to me that someone was asking AGAIN. SHE and dad tried 5 years before Kent got stuck in the womb for 9 months. ANYWAY i’m sure it all came up because the baby’s grandma (the one asking about us, etc) had gone up to communion and just dropped Aaron/AJ in Matthew’s arms as he was sitting on the aisle seat at the front the last time we were there. There was an audible titter of laughter and AWWW so I’m sure thought brought up the subject in their minds. Apparently all those folks are keen on our getting started. Again, I guess I dont think that it is really any of their business, but because they’re not strangers, I try not to take offense. I was very defensive about it for several years, especially since # 1 we weren’t married yet when all these people (mostly my husbands relatives who have kids who drive them nuts–made me think they want to see us punished like they are) started asking, #2, we were NOT MARRIED as in not partaking, and it was like, gee, kinda hard to have kids when you’re not DOING what it takes to have kids. Duh. and #3, the asking continued even when we were down to one (low) income and my husband was in college. DUH. If I had to hear “if you wait until you can afford it” one more time, I was going to hurt someone. I finally started lashing out and/or saying, “well we have a one bedroom apartment with barely room for us and no income right now, so it’ll have to wait” and “that’s rude” and “we’re having too much fun ‘practicing’ right now”… yeah. Those usually shut people up. At this point, though, it occurs to me that I may not be able to have kids, who knows? And how would you like to be the recipient of constant pressure to have kids if you physically can’t and can’t afford to adopt? Yeah, didnt think so. Either way, I try and cut people some slack now. After 6 years, yeah most people do end up starting to have kids. But please, DONT ask someone who isn’t even married yet or who looks stressed at the sign of a conversation like that. Maybe it’s a sore subject. Maybe you’ll make them cry for a week and be depressed. Unless you’re POSITIVE someone is receptive to the question, DONT ASK! 🙂

Matt’s braces probably have one more month, he goes back october 13th for the next check and presumably after that they’ll clean em up and set an hour appt for getting the new retainers fitted and etc. he might have new teeth for christmas!

Otherwise, I helped mom make a bunch of noodles, which I got to take home (I provided eggs and flour and woman power) and freeze to cook in chicken broth to make turkey or chicken and noodles, or beef for beef and noodles, yum! I picked up several ears of field corn for our hungry squirrels (free corn! yeah!) and helped out in general. We all had a good visit and now that I’ve had a break, I can really enjoy everyone. It’s really nice. Oh and work is going fine. I have 3-4 weeks left. Yeah! Money, money, money!


  1. Ohhh….”the question”…how I know it well. My hubby and I have been married 7 years now and nope, no kids. His brother has 4 (FOUR! OMG!) and his sister has 2. I have two half brothers and a half sister that have 2 kids a piece. We are pretty much the only ones with no kids and I swear I think I’m gonna pop the next person that asks when we’re going to have one of our own. Seriously. I don’t care if you’re 85, if you ask me about children? Pop! It doesn’t help that when I got married I was 19. To most people that says “oh, she got knocked up”, so when people ask me how long we’ve been married, I say “7 years and no we don’t have any kids”. LOL

  2. We were married over nine years before having our son. It ended up that we did have problems getting pregnant, but that wasn’t the reason for the delay. We just weren’t ready – for multiple reasons. The main one being we weren’t even sure we wanted kids.

    Way back when we first got together people used to ask us that. We were both in college, living in a one br, one bath mobile home making minimum wage. I would tell them if we had one it would have to sleep in the kitchen cabinets because that was the only place we had room!

    People sure don’t mind getting into what I consider very personal business. Ok, my two cents there.

    Gotta go tend to my bee hives…hehe

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