The kindness of strangers…help somebody if you can.

My husband’s truck is down for a bit. It has a broken raditor and etc. So he has been driving me to work and coming back and getting me after he goes to work all day. It works out okay. Last night we heard this awful sound and smelled burning rubber. And old man in a cadillac (with a handicapped plate) was driving on a VERY flat tire. It was “getting out of work time” and people just zoomed past him as his car was limping along the street. My hubby pulled over in front of him, got out, and changed the guy’s tire for him. I helped in the only ways I could, I talked to the guy, offered to help him put the destroyed tire back in the back, held the lug nuts so my hubby wouldn’t drop them, etc.

I must tell you, I was SO PROUD of my husband yesterday. I was all sniffly and teary. When we got back on the road, I commented how nice it was of him and how proud I was. He just grinned and kept on driving. I said, I wonder how many people just drove by. His answer “too many”–that tells you a little bit about his character.

Some days I give him a hard time for not helping me fold laundry, etc. But when the chips are down, he’s a real good guy, offers help with no expectation of repayment or favors, and does it cheerfully. Thank God there’s still people like him in this world.

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