Website for your new baby?

This is kind of an odd post for my site, but I read online recently that a lot more parents are reserving .com sites for their babies when they’re born or toddling so that they’ll have it on reserve for the future. The article I read pondered the sageness of reserving a site for $10 year, or even a one-time buy that might not be able to be used in 10-15 years. What if there’s a newer/better internet by then?

My theory about that little point is even if we have viewers built into sunglasses on our space ports, all the information on the internet is still going to be out there. If a company wants to shut down, or sell out, it will, but the data will still be there.

So here’s the other point. Why would you do this? My hubby says, gee that would be great for going ahead and posting pictures of the newborn, a site only certain people could log on to, having security such as the hospitals do for those new newborn pictures. As for me, well, my newborn pictures didnt develop, and the hospital didnt choose to tell my parents until after I’d left. They wouldn’t retake them. Maybe I’m a spawn of a fairy or leprechaun and they didnt want my ears to show until they could grow out of their pointyness or something 😉 Anyway, since my hubby is a computer genius, I think I’ll leave that up to him. And if you’re interested in the same thing and need help, let me know!

After hearing my hubby’s take on it, I decided to check gmail for our possible future babies’ names. All 3 I can come up with at this point are not taken. So far, so good. Then you could send out the pictures from the baby like see how big I’m getting, I can send email. And then you can teach computer safety and etc. from the email address they’ve had since they were born. And then the pictures size won’t interfere with the hundreds of saved jokes that get sent around and you forget to delete. Not to worry, with their own email address, your kids will have their pictures on a completely different area. Now wouldn’t that be great? And then they’d have a backlog of well wishes and emails saying how cute their grandparents thought they were, relatives could tell stories on the parents and send the new kid an email for future reading, etc. It would be a journal of sorts, a story in email form for them from day 1. I did not go so far as to reserve them, however, as we have no way of knowing how many kids we will have, in what order, what gender, etc. so…i dont know, I guess my point is just to get other people’s take on this…

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