Fun Ideas for Teasing the Nieces and Nephews

Okay so this time we aren’t going to do it, BUT the thought is to get the cheapest diet cola possible, some mentos, and make the soda fly. We used to be around all of them somewhat and some of them all the time. Since they either run wild or stick to us like leeches while we visit once a month or so, it would be great to have some inexpensive fun and get some pictures to remember it by.

My other thought is to get a bag of m and m’s, gummy bears, etc. and have them guess how many of each flavor there are, and then sort them out and see who’s right. You eat your experiment and you’re done.

So, what are you ideas? Any other fun things we could do that involve things that kids like and/or experiments, games, etc. that are easy to pull off with a table full of kids and a few minutes?


  1. How about the flour game? You fill a bowl with flour, turn it upside down and make a ‘cake’, place a sweet on top then take it in turns to cut through the flour. The person who makes the sweet fall has to eat it with their teeth (therefore getting a facefull of flour) repeat as amny times as you like.

  2. You could prepare a feely bag of little gifts and they each get a try and if they guess correctly they get to keep it (don’t know their ages so his might not work) another though is a tray of objects let them look and then see how many they remember – award prizes. You could do a gift hunt around athe room or garden by hiding sweets and small fun things.

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