Bad Lyrics…

Click here for bad lyrics, there’s a top 2o list as well as comments of the worst lyrics ever released. I personally think that a lot of Beatles stuff was drug-induced insanity in the form of music. “Plasticine porters with looking glass ties” for example. Wikipedia can say whatever they want. We all know the truth. Or maybe they just had a bad experience at McDonalds Playland. Somehow I doubt we’ll ever know for sure. Yes I had thought that “my lovely lady lumps” was kind of bad, but not nearly as bad when you put it in the context of one of the commentors on the site “just wait til you hear a 4 year old say that” umm yeah, that reminds me of my barely teen sis in law discovering groovy rock and singing “she told me to come but i was already there, cause the walls was shaking, the earth was quaking” with no blush. She has no clue. And umm, I didnt even laugh, although, I really really wanted to. How about you? Or do you just mess up the lyrics singing them? I think my first attempt at singing along to “Redneck Yacht Club” mentioned fastrackers, bedliners and a party barge. Only the last part was correct. (Bass Trackers and Bay Liners, for reference). My hubby almost died laughing at me and he still looks at me everytime the song comes on. I do it “wrong” just for him, even though I know better now. And I’ve heard that the most mis-quoted song is “Bad moon on the rise” which is often quoted as “there’s a bathroom on the right.” What’s your favorite misquote, kid-related oops or bad lyric?


  1. Dear God I can’t think of any now that you’ve brought it up. So many times I sit and stare at the radio, trying to understand lyrics or trying to understand how someone who is called “talented” can put such idiotic lyrics in their music. I like the list you gave the link to. My lovely lady lumps is one I have always despised. Sure I like the way the song sounds, but I would feel very awkward singing it in the presence of, well…anyone I know.

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