Engineers are Weird….

weird weird weird. engineers are weird. I wonder how these guys get dates, or you know like an egg fresh from the chicken feels. I have run into some non-sociable types. Totally backward, like a hillbilly but almost more annoying. Cause they’re really trying, but it comes off as stalker/serial killer-ish instead of earnest.I wonder how they ever got through high school without getting the crap kicked out of them for saying something stupid. ps if you’re an engineer and it doesnt apply to you, forget it. and don’t leave me hate mail, just making an environmental observation.

I have not truly appreciated my husband for the depth of his character, general good guy-edness, healthy tan and desire to talk about more than ACT scores and reviewing computer errors until this week. He actually uses his brain for things other than computer oriented stuff (although he does use it for that a lot). I’d take a mind-numbing lecture –by that I mean enjoyable conversation about Bronco problems any day. Or football. Or that funny commerical that’s on tv, oh you havent seen it, never mind. see. Much more enjoyable!


  1. I can tell you from experience that an egg, fresh from the chicken feels anything but good and anything but normal
    -It feels warm, but that’s because it’s been up a chiken’s keister for who knows how long. (I could do without knowing that’s the reason it’s warm, you know?)
    -The egg is not as clean as you’d think it would be. It comes out with debris on it. Sometimes, it’s quite disgusting actually.
    -Lastly, when you go to actually enjoy your freshly picked egg, you realize it’s not as appetizing as you once imagined, due to the stuff you actually know first hand about it (i.e. where it came from, what was on it’s shell).

    So, your analogy was totally on point. My personal observation is that many engineers I have met actually are neurotic. They remind me of this show I watched on HBO about autism. They said many adults have autism, but don’t know it. I think engineers would account for at least 95% of those adults.

  2. My cousins are both engineers. Fortunately (for them), they’re not weird. They’re actually pretty cool.

    But, I know what you mean. Worked with an engineer a few years ago and seriously? I was either bored to tears half the time or wanting to take out a restraining order the other half 🙂

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