Nice Matters…a lot

Okay. so Erin from the Looney Bin thinks I’m nice too! Woohoo! I’m glad I’ve found an outlet for my empathy. I guess somehow all those lectures about being nice and caring about other people from my mom sunk in. It didnt take more than once, I guess, even if I gave being snotty another go. So, now I have consoling words for everyone else and it makes them feel better. I like that, though. Too bad I can’t get paid for it (not that I’d ask any of you to pay me 🙂 ). Anyway, thanks Erin, your kids are too cute and I’m so jealous! And anyone else that drops on by, be sure to leave your blog or email (even written like jane dot doe at yahoo dot com) so I can get back with you if you comment! Thanks to everyone who drops by! You’re all so nice and I really appreciate your comments.

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  1. Thank you for you nice comment today! I am not going to leave. It’s actually funny that just as soon as I was thinking about leaving, a chain of events (of sorts) happened that made me stay and even better, I now may have a new career, simply because of my blog. So yes, I am staying 😀

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