Hi Ho Hi ho work day 1

Well, here I am through one day of 8 weeks. It wasn’t tough, but I really didn’t get a lunch hour. I got a half an hour, for a lot of the time, I was slurping soup out of a cup while trying to schedule appointments, so I only counted the half hour. However, they didnt get my email set up, so finally at 4pm I was told I could use webmail. Wonderful. Also, I signed something saying I couldn’t use the computers for email or any of that stuff so basically I get to look up news online. Well at least I did. How bad can looking at the front page of cnn or msnbc be compared to a newspaper? Right. So.. anyway, that’s the big news. Oh and the hubby brought home takenbake pizza and had it ready by the time i got home. That rocks. It smelled good when the door was opened for me. I could get used to that. 🙂


  1. I somehow missed what you are doing now…but I hope you enjoy it! And I hope you don’t get in trouble for looking at the news websites!

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