Fun Monday-White Lies

The otherbear is hosting Fun Monday and wants to know: Share with us a little white lie that you may, or may not, have gotten away with. Perhaps it’s something more sinister than a little white lie – maybe even a deep dark secret that you’ve kept buried for years! All the better! Now’s your chance to get it off your chest and confess: “Yes, I did eat that last slice of cheese cake”, “No, I wasn’t washing my hair that Saturday”, “Those pants do make you look fat”!

Most of my lies are fairly benign because I don’t believe in lying. Not to say i havn’t told one once or twice, a day, my entire life.. okay so maybe that’s going too far. I think we all lie unintentionally when we listen to someone talking but don’t soak it in, we go uh-huh, yeah, sure but we have no clue what we just agreed too. I know I’m not the only guilty one!

I used to lie all the time as a kid because I’d get into the brown sugar (apparently I wasn’t smart enough to wipe the residue off my face) and I always got caught. I never once got caught in the chocolate chips, although I did eat quite a lot of them. Woohoo! I used to have to lie about where I got my clothes, I’d always just say, oh my mom bought them. When I knew damn good and well that they were either hand me downs or came straight from the racks of Wal-Mart. It sucked giant ass to be poor. Especially since those that weren’t poor were really keen on making fun of those that were. I do remember going to a ballgame in junior high without having washed my hair (I’m someone who needs it every day) and a very feminine guy kept hounding me to admit I’d used hairspray ( guess it looked kind of stuck down) and finally I said yes, although I knew it was just greasy. I paid a lot more attention after that. I think most of my childhood lies were things to get out of trouble for doing something that I didn’t intend. My biggest, worst lie I told was to the principal in about 2nd grade. I repeated a phrase I had heard in a movie (that I shouldn’t have watched apparently) in reference to some brawny girls in our class–to my best girl friend–who immediately ratted me out not just to those few girls, but to all the girls in the class, including the rest of my friends–and then it was 20 to 1 in a conference room where I denied the whole thing. Okay, that was my worst lie, I’m pretty sure my hubby would be the only one I have told. And now you know–just don’t use it against me, I’m sure all those girls would still love to string me up for it.


  1. I think most children lie, it’s only as we get older that we see the stupidity of lying especially as it can get us in more trouble than telling the tuth.

  2. Childhood can be particularly painful, especially for those of us not in the “in” crowd – so I completely understand the compulsion to lie.

  3. I’m with beccy and think most children lie. Once they mature and realize it just isn’t worth it, all things are right in their world again.

  4. Those girls should be strung up themselves. Especially your “best” friend. (Can you tell my child has had a few issues with friends trying to get others to gang up on them lately?)

  5. Most schools here have a school uniform. I went to a school for 1 year that didn’t (which is REALLY uncommon here). The pressure to wear ‘cool’ clothes was incredible! It made me very glad to go to a school with a uniform the next year.

  6. Hopefully, the girls have gotten over the indiscretion. Some of your youth is similar to mine. I wore hand-me-downs, but for some reason that did not bother me. My greasy junior high hair did bother me. To this day, I don’t care how my hair looks as long as it is clean. By the way, if telling a lie to the principal in the 2nd grade is your worst, you are a very good person.

  7. I was so poor when I was young! I had the bad hair, the glasses, buck teeth, Kmart clothes, it was bad. I am glad someone else knows how much pressure is involved with being poor. The lies you have to tell to make yourself acceptable…it’s ridiculous!

  8. I also wore hand me downs… and came from a very frugal family.

    Little girls can be so cruel. It would almost be better just to have a fist fight like little boys do.

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