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hmmm so I took a friends suggestion and looked at Babies R Us online at nursery bedding. Wow! you can’t buy the pieces separate, and the sets are near $200 to over $250 and that seems a little outrageous to me. I am a little disappointed because I saw from Walmart and a brief trip to Target was pink and blue. Note the disgust with pink and blue, it’s important. Also, I started looking at Target online and was enthralled by this “Ultimate Crib Sheet” thing. I didnt think about crib sheets being a pain to change especially holding the baby, but it would be, wouldnt it? The idea is that it snaps on so you can easily pull it off, and if you have more than one, then it could be layered and easily have another underneath and then if you have a repeat offender then it’s not so bad. What do you guys think about that? It got really good reviews except one person who had the straps tear when you wash it (someone else said, duh, they unsnap, take them off) and that if you have a solid wall on your crib it’s harder to use… it’s a combination mattress pad and sheet. If I think of it that way, you save all that money on additional sheets and mattress covers, and you just buy a couple of these and you’re set. At least that’s how other mom’s who reviewed them, seemed to make it seem.

What else do you think about nursery bedding? Is a dust ruffle necessary? Or just for cute? I take it a bumper is the thing on the inside about head level that keeps them from “bumping” their heads on the slats? And that would be necessary. And they all set blankies, but you’re not supposed to give a kid a blanket for so long a time because of SIDS right? When does that end? Do you get a lot of use out of cutesy bedding or is it just something for people to buy at a baby shower that’s a lot of money and makes the room really cute? And wouldn’t you want somethign that would go for a girl or boy since you may have more than one kid?

Thanks for your input…

Going for neutral…and simple…and smart!

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  1. Hi – sticking my head in here to say hi and see how the mini-mouse project was going.

    my 2 cents about nursery bedding is that it is a complete waste of money. like you said, the blanket or quilt can’t be used in the bed of a kiddo under a year. the bumper also isn’t recommended in the cribs of the little babies. other parts of a bedding set is a diaper stacker (a hanging bag to put diapers in that matches the room’s decor), but they always looked like a pain in the butt to me – you have to reload them. I just stack the diapers on the changing table.

    I never registered for a crib set, mostly because I never found a gender neutral one I liked well enough. My girlfriend gave me hers that she was done with and I wound up not really using it, for the reasons outlined above. I also had a hard time with the bumpers, but that was because by the time I started to use it, Emily was starting to get more mobile and that’s when you aren’t supposed to use them any more because the kid can use the bumper as a step to climb out of the crib.

    Anyways, I have had great success by buying a bunch of crib sheets (the $10 ones at Target are fantastic) and a couple of sheet protectors (terry cloth dealies that tie to the crib slats. put the babies head on the sheet protector when they are really little and any spitup lands on the protector instead of the sheets).

    I would strongly recommend saving your registry’s big ticket items for the car seats and stollers, etc.

    Good luck with the kiddo project!!

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